Life Coaching: The Extreme need of today
Life coaching is an absolute change based program that is profoundly different
from simple motivation, consultation, mentoring, or simply counseling. Life
coaching is a continuous process for all. The coaching procedure addresses specific
personal problems to make specific change in the client's personal life, family and
friends relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now,
discovering what their obstacles or challenges might be and choosing a course of
action to make individual's life more comfortable, more achievable , more
successful and so on.
Life coaching for students
Each and every Education leaders are agree in that, the discipline, manners, habits
and behavior factors or life skills of the students can effects directly in their study
and in entire life but they think, there is no time to do specific inspirational session,
specific counseling , behavioral operation and life skill updating session as a
continuous process. Nowadays, we need not motivate to start or continue the ECA
programs because ECA programs are familiar in schools and colleges but it is little
difficult to convince that life skills/life coaching programs are also the part of the
school/college programs. Due to a new concept and a new program, It takes time to
realize the broad circumstances and strength of life coaching workshops.
From our research, we conclude that the life coaching programs should be the first
priority programs in the schools and colleges. We generally teach to the students
how to pass in the exam, but we uncomfortably need to agree that we are not
success to teach how to pass in life. Maximum number of students doesn't know
how to manage the time with proper schedule, how to give presentation in groups
with confidently, they haven’t the ideas to manage the anger and stress. Love
affairs are the natural things. As more, opposite sex attraction is common in
teenage but due to careless, careless in the sense, the stakeholders (parents,
teachers, society, media) playing the negative roles. Students are in problems. They
don’t realize easily as self, this is not the time to play in love affairs, dating, and
phone contact as deep lovers. In our research, out of 100, nearly 80% students are

fall in love especially in secondary level. They think, if they don't have the special
one as boyfriend or girlfriend, there is no significant of life.
They shared us, unknowingly they are falling in this type of problem but there is
none to care them. Some are habitual in smoking, drugs form early teenage. some
are addicted in social media like facebook, twitter, YouTube, instagram and so on.
Similarly, students who need to give their time in positive learning, study and
personal development but they engaged in unnecessary games in mobile and
computers although some games are useful and increase the creativity of the child
with the entertainment but they are not utilizing this as that way. We can see if we
do deep case study, the problematic students are also losing the time by watching
unnecessary videos like pornography, spending maximum hours of time by
watching movies, TV serials or wresting, sports and so on.
Our research and study have found the following problems prevalent among
today’s school/college students:- Disciplinary problems, Lack of concentration in
class.(BPMA problems), Problems of low self-confidence and over-confidence,
Habitual in smoking, Addicted to alcohol, Infatuation/love affairs resulting in
negative habits, Drug addiction, Uneasy gap between teacher and students, Big gap
between parents and children, Negative Peer Pressure , Addicted in social network
like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instragram, Waste of time and money for
unnecessary things, Problems in sexual behavior/affairs, Different psychological
problems, Not understanding college and school course properly, Lack in self-
confidence, Lacking in thinking of positive competition, Insensitive towards
family, society and nationality as a whole, Irritating with culture, Bad influence
from movies and social evils, Taking unnecessary tension in small matters.
Problems are simple but deep rooted and making the big disturbance in the
student's life. We have to move for the holistic change, if not simple problems of
the today makes huge complications in person's life, families and society.
Life Coaching for Students is necessary in school and colleges by realizing the
need for life skills/soft skills development as well as to show the proper guidelines
in their life. After our ongoing and rigorous research, we have introduced a training
program called “Smart Learning for Students”. The focus will be on basic life
skills topics so as to make the students comfortable with the requirement of
students studying in high school/higher secondary level, A level, college and
university level.

Skill coaching for teachers
There is a one quote ''Yesterday’s graduate stops learning today and becomes
uneducated tomorrow.'' This version is very near to appropriate in our
school/college teachers because maximum number of teachers do neglect to update
the necessary skills. Due to the traditional ways of teaching learning activities, we
are not success to change the overall educational trends as our expectation. Instead
of to teach the students, we are teaching to the board and benches. There is a big
lacking of skills(Professional skill, Human Skill and Soft Skill) in teachers like lacking in
effective presentation, classroom management, artful teaching, building positive
environment in the classroom, motivate and inspire students, realize and fulfill the
responsibility, gain more respect, more likable and strengthen self-image, deal
positively with students and parents. To minimize the almost all problems in the
school and colleges, we must make trained to the teacher. and regular follow up
about the implementation of learned skills as a continuous process. Training is also
a life coaching process which makes easy to fulfill the any duty of
individual/teachers. Quality education is possible only by the process of skill
coaching and its implementation. Life coaching and Skill coaching programs are
the basic needs to forward the good education as the theme of an exciting journey
of enquiry, exploration, innovation, invention and discovery.
As a conclusion, today's edu-leaders must apply the life coaching procedure in
their schools and colleges to change the whole education system as practical and
relevant to present time. This is the extreme need of today.

(This article was published on Collegereaders Magazine in 2016)

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