Personal Mastery Session

Personal and Professional Mastery is the key issue in future individual and team performance. It requires support staff, team leaders and managers to assess and apply the knowledge of themselves to understand, motivate and manage people often within situations of conflict and interpersonal differences. This interactive workshop teaches the key principles of success and productivity through personal mastery practice, using skills and steps that need to be consistently applied to positively change personal performance and that of others.

The knowledge can transform personal and working environments to create successful organisations and the people within them and can be used in a personal way or as an aspect of organisational growth and development. This motivational workshop explores life success processes and combines management and leadership theory and practice with elements of personal mastery philosophy, assertiveness, emotional intelligence and life coaching.



This workshop is extremely effective both when attended by the entire organisation, group or department (including management) and as individuals. The aim is to supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to conduct advanced business communications within an organisation. Companies who do this training find that teamwork becomes the norm, which in turn leads to increased productivity.


Your Vision

Exploring the theory and practical application of holistic vision, how do the decisions we make and the discussions we have impact on others

EQ and your vision – what emotional intelligence is and how it empowers your personal growth

Understanding People

Why we relate really well to some people and simply don’t understand others. A module on personality profiling and how to effectively implement the knowledge

Understanding own strengths and weaknesses

Determining Your Personal Vision

Why and how we can go about ensuring good attitude, overcoming limiting beliefs, the value of self-leadership, self-awareness

De Bono 6 Hat Thinking

In depth analysis of problem solving using universally recognised methodology. Making sure that you have the facts , positives, negatives, alternatives, gut feel and next step to each discussion

Making balanced decisions

Building Confidence

Understanding what this means to you

Positive Thinking

How to think and speak positively

Recognising and identifying your core talents through a coaching model

Working with your core passion and mission

Translating this passion to behaviour through an action plan – tool provided

Assertive Behaviour

A follow-on from Building Confidence – exploring boundaries, communicating them assertively and not aggressively

Body Language and Social Awareness

Awareness of unspoken communication including listening and tone of voice

Communication Techniques

Detailed theory and practical exercises on all forms of communication both telephonically and face to face. How to use professional speech and improve your business English

Criticism – Giving and Receiving

How to overcome the discomfort and gain the benefit

Using your Time Effectively

The Time Matrix – helping you hone in on both urgent and important as well as longer term goals

Effective Goal Setting – through both SMARTER goals and the Logical Framework


Objectives of the Course

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of self to strengthen performance
  • Understand the principles of creating personal power and self-mastery
  • Build a personal development plan for performance through the right thought, belief and action
  • Identify your role, purpose and value within the organisation
  • Deal with conflict and interpersonal differences through assertiveness
  • Motivate staff and promote teamwork through positive attitudes and environments
  • Apply the principles of success in a practical business context
  • Transform personal vision by understanding team dynamics
  • Develop a plan of action to enhance organisational performance

Target Audiences

The workshop is designed for team leaders, supervisors, office professionals and people in customer service delivery who are in a position to motivate others. It can also be used for personal development, career and life direction and for team building.


  • Module 1: Understanding Personal Mastery
  • Module 2: Promoting Positive Attitudes
  • Module 3: Working with performance keys
  • Module 4: Mastering Assertiveness
  • Module 5: Creating successful team dynamics
  • Module 6: Monitoring the Process

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