Respected dignitaries,

Warm greetings Hello!

I express my heartfelt gratitude and salute to all the human beings in the world who have written, spoken, struggled and contributed for the sake of humanity, for social justice and rights, for peace and development, for the development and motivation of positive thinking. I would like to express my heartfelt respect and heartfelt respect to all the contributors from all walks of life and classes around the world who have dedicated their lives to bring the society back to its present day. By dedicating myself to the cause of humanity, including social justice, development and peace, I am determined to raise my voice against any discrimination and war in the world.

My understanding is that every human being has unlimited talents which if properly nurtured, no human being will remain poor and will not be miserable. If the common man, as a sentient being, contributes to the upliftment and empowerment of the backward regions, class, gender and caste in the society, half of the existing problems will be solved automatically. Therefore, I would like to call upon the common people to play their role for the social transformation from their own place.

It is my experience and learning that everyone can do better than they do today if they want to, and that they can improve their lives through much needed knowledge, skills and art. I would like to express my best wishes to inspire all citizens to contribute to the cause of social justice, development and peace in the world, to promote humanity and to work for the solution of existing social, economic and political problems. As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”, therefore, I would like to heartily appeal to all the working people of the world to dream big, make action plan to make the impossible possible, focus on small things and make their dream come true from today.


RK Dhungana

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