Message from me

Respected dignitaries, Warm greetings Hello! I express my heartfelt gratitude and salute to all the human beings in the world who have written, spoken, struggled and contributed for the sake of humanity, for social justice and rights, for peace and development, for the development and motivation of positive thinking. I would like to express my […]

Partnership request

If there has been any help from my expertise, experience or if you are positive about my understanding, ideas and plans, you can help me financially and technically. I would like to request the government, national and international organizations, groups and individuals for support and cooperation as I’m a hardworking warrior who is constantly giving […]

Institutional Involvement

Timkal Pvt. Ltd., Board Member Personal Mastery Nepal, CEO and Founder, from 2019 to date Admire Multiservice Company Pvt. Ltd. (Engineering Company), CEO & Founder, 2019 to present Personality Development Nepal, (Training and Life Development Company) Founding Chairman, 2011 to 2019

Political Involvement

Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) – Member of Central Department, Department of Education and Human Resources, 2075-2077 Communist Party of Nepal Maoist Center – Proposed Central Member 2074. Naya Shakti Party, Central Member, 2073-2074. Nepal Nagarik Party, Central General Secretary, 2069-2071

Social Involvement

Alternative Foundation – Founding Secretary General, since 2077. Timkal (Social Network Based on Social Transformation) – Investigator, 2077. Nepal Climate Change Federation, Central President, from 2075 to date National Farmers Commission, Leadership and Institutional Development Expert, 2075 to present Good Governance Federation of Nepal – Central Secretary General, from 2076 to the present. Naya Shakti […]

Current Plan

I am currently working as the Central Secretary General of the Alternative Foundation to promote the idea of ​​social justice, development and peace with a focus on promoting humanity, with the aim of giving the world the latest innovation. Through the Alternative Foundation, I am actively involved in the important work of the scientific project […]

Future Plans

As I am transforming my life through great struggle and learning, I plan to be active in various activities in the coming days to motivate, change the old and status quo thinking existing in the society for social upliftment by focusing on nature and science. By dedicating myself to the cause of humanity, including social […]

Corporate Training

This training is designed for leadership, managers and employees working in governmental and non-governmental organizations, financial institutions, social organizations and corporate houses. The following courses will be provided under Institutional and Corporate Training: Corporate Leadership Development and Management Planning and implementation Team Building and Management Staff management Office management Relationship development and institutional development

Academic Training

This type of academic training is envisaged to help academic leaders, managers, teachers-lecturers-professors, staff, students and parents working in various community and institutional schools, colleges and universities to achieve and achieve top results in their field. The training aims to enhance the academic capacity of the academic leadership including principals, campus heads and managers and […]